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Welcome to the Desert Magic Camp in the

Wadi Rum Protected Area!

Desert Magic Camp has been set up in the Wadi Rum Protected Area in in Jordan in 2018 and allows for a private Bedouine desert experience with only 10 traditional tents, while 5 having a panoramic view, allowing you to watch the day unfold and the stars during night from the coziness of your bed. We are located in the middle of the desert, surrounded by beautiful rocky mountains which you can discover by climbing them during sunrise and sunset as our camp allows for the most beautiful views the desert has to offer.  

We offer full packages as well as individual Jeep tours, camel rides, star gazing, overstays either in our camp or camping in the open desert.  

Ahlan wa Sahlan!

“We welcome you to the Bedouin experience at Wadi Rum Desert Magic, a place where you can enjoy the desert

- its silence, sunrises and sunsets, the open view and time standing still.”

Mohammad al-Zawaidah

- Owner of the Desert Magic Camp

What we offer

Whether you want to stay for a few days or make your own schedule, you can book our packages, different tours and visit our beautiful camp in the middle of the desert.

We look forward to welcoming you!

What`s special about 

Desert Magic Camp?


We are an open book for you! Our prices are transparent & fair and therefore in your best interest. 


& Modern

We preserve Bedouin traditions, while keeping up with the times to provide you with comfort and modern facilities.


With only 10 tents, each with its own bathroom, our camp is the perfect place to experience the desert at its best - in silence! 

Sunrises &


The location of our camp is within walking distance of one of the best places to welcome the beginning and end of each magical day.