Entry to Wadi Rum

With the Jordan Pass you can enter at the Wadi Rum Visitor Center without charge. Without the Jordan Pass entry fees are 5 JOD. 

We will pick you up and drop you of for free from our parking lot in village Disah. The pick up and drop off from the Visitor Center costs 5 JOD per ride. Additional charges apply for other pick up/drop off points. 

Please note that the Wadi Rum Protected Area is only accessible by a 4x4 jeep and that even with such a car it is not advised to drive in the desert unless very experienced in such a surrounding.


Jordan is a very safe and welcoming country. There are no travel warnings for touristic areas and since the Jordanians are famous for their hospitality you can feel easily comfortable in moving around here. Additionally, you will find English speaking tourist police all over the country keeping an eye on your safety as well.  

Also as a female traveller you will find it easy to get around safely. Nevertheless, since Jordan is a conservative country please note that in public it is not common to share places with men or to proactively engage in a conversation as such an approach could be misunderstood. So when travelling it is advisable to sit rather next to a women and hold back with physical contact like hugs and sometimes also hand shakes. 

Facilities at the resort

Our resort has modern tents and we provide electricity through solar panels. Every tent has its private bathroom and shower and we provide soap, clean towels and bed sheets in the tents, heaters in the winter, and fans in the summer. Kindly note that we do not provide air conditioning at our camp (and be warned to check carefully with other camps as a lot of them who claim to have air conditioning provide it only for very few hours in the evening). The resort has a restaurant where breakfast, lunch and dinner are served as well as a spacious outside area and a traditional Bedouin house where we set up bonfires. 

We serve a lot of vegetarian and gluten-free dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Bedouin tea and water are complimentary for all guests. Coffee, shisha and other snacks are available for a small amount. 

Payments & Cancellation

You can pay cash during your stay at our camp or with PayPal to our Euro account. Kindly note that there are no ATMs in and around Wadi Rum. 

We know that travel plans can change and even though we like to keep it flexible as well, we kindly ask you to inform us at the soonest in case of any changes. 

Transportation to/from us and in general in Jordan

If you want to travel by bus through Jordan, you can check for bus connections with JETT bus (https://www.jett.com.jo/en). In case you don`t find the bus connection you need to get to us and to any other place afterward, we recommend asking your accommodation to call the local bus. We will do the same when you are with us and want to take the bus to Aqaba (15 JD), Wadi Musa (10 JD), or Amman (20 JD). 

Taxis are available for 30 JOD to Aqaba and 45 JOD to Wadi Musa/Petra. The costs to Amman depend on the final destination in Amman.